The message

May. 1, 2016 Varros OΓZKΛWΛ(Presently OZKAWA Ipalo)

 July 24,2015. If think this day, that was all beginning. So, It is an announcement to publish the old emblems. At this time, I noticed. Those that seem obediently beautifully, and that I had seen. Among my mind, it was it seems to be shining. Later, I called it "design that entranced" on Twitter. So much, it is the beautifully shining in my eyes.

 But, it does not continue its glory even longer. It's the voice flows from the place where unexpected. The voice from Belgium, such as "is similar to what I have made." I also at first I thought, "might have certainly similar". As if in response to the voice, GIF on Twitter have also been posted. But, on second thought, it seems like not similar. To begin with, more than the Belgian side logo had not been registered as a trademark, it is also impossible not to the emblem would through.
 I was reminded of one of the precedents. That was in 1993. A Japanese font vendor "Shaken" has filed a lawsuit against the Japanese font vendor "Morisawa". There has been a font referred to as the "Shin-gothic" by Morisawa. Now referred to as the "Shin-go". It is a font that was developed to mimic the "Gona" by Shaken. That kind of lawsuit contents.However, the court dismissed the prosecution of Shaken. "It's neither has been developed in a range that does not leave the Japanese sans category. So, eventually Gona and Shin-gothic can not be avoided that would be similar." Was the reason that.
 In my opinion, the idea thing is true for this emblem. Even if they were to not know, it's that there is no way. Because it had similar in "coincidence". News media that "after all, was not only a false charge." Was discussed this.

 Old emblem was convergence as a "coincidence" in me. However, in the past work of the author, there was obvious fraud. Best example is, it campaign of a certain beer manufacturer. Many of the picture is had been tracing. Even I saw the beauty of the old emblem, "Oh, this should not. This is why? The has become this" is obtained by disappointment with. (After that, the "victim" of the campaign has made a provocation, such as riding on the tone. When you then he announced the emblem, was able to, such as amazed. But it is a digress.)
 After that, coverage of his imitation of past work to overheat and appeared even groundless slander. During also called are those who came to the outrage that such Unauthorized publish a family photo of. One of the suspicion arose in me. "In imitation one of the design, there is no need to do until there is nothing. Why, just because the Olympics emblem is similar to the theater of the logo with Belgium, or need some of that they'll expose the privacy of the designer?".
 After all, he probably thought, "This or more, the family can not afford to receive a slander." Designers themselves offer the withdrawal of the emblem, uproar saw a prima facie convergence. "It's really a shame." I was wondering obediently.
 And, of the new emblem competition began.

 I originally did not intend to apply. Already in spite of "The Gorin-hitoe" it has been completed. "What I have applied, it is defeated anyway. If it is better not to apply the better. "In this way, it was the feeling of giving up the middle. Until applicants from the withdrawal of the old emblem, in the competition of the old emblem, the works of the runner-up has been published. Drowning in its beauty, "high design of so level occupies the top. The designer's presence above the clouds for me, there is no such chance of success." I had thought.
 But, it had gotten longer apply if noticed. But had given up in the reason, I instinct had to apply. "It is that you have submitted, either itself becomes the experience, the foundation of the work. That it does not apply is a disadvantage for the you." Is it, would be an angel of whisper or devil whispering? Now I also can not possibly understand.

 After a few days of application, it was found clumsiness of the application documents. Sadly I was convinced the "defeated". But, it was good at this. When I've been if selected, I would have gone up into the excessive. Then, I might have been swallowed by the more cruel egoism.
 Only one, there is a thing to say. This experience could be a big step that remains to me, but the fact that. Indeed, it was able to leave footprints. Will it just is not for sure.